The Final Teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Short Cut to Nirvana

Neti Neti Films journeys to India to intimately capture the flavor of Nisargadatta Maharaj from the actual location where his teachings were first transmitted to the world. Through the eyes of the narrator, Dr, Stephen Wolinsky, Nisargadatta’s final and most profound teachings are presented in two unique ways.

First: We present the relationship of Nisargadatta Maharaj’s teachings to some of the most extraordinary Guru's and teachers the world has known.

Secondly: Here for the first time, the rarely discussed and most profound teaching of Nisargadatta is discussed in depth. He stands alone in stating that who we are is prior to the I Am, and even Prior to and Beyond Consciousness itself.

This extraordinary statement by Nisargadatta Maharaj has the power to propel a seeker into a taste of the Absolute. This most unique pointer directs an aspirant into the Eternal Absolute, the Primordial Advaita that can only be realized when Consciousness itself is appreciated as not this, not this.

Featured on this DVD:

* Seven new presentations of Consciousness and Beyond, filmed in India
* Many presentations show India then (1979-1980) and Now
* Bonus meditation CD recorded live at the May ’08 workshop

DVD, 110 minutes, 0 All codes (playable worldwide), NTSC Video plus a Bonus meditation CD, 40 minutes.

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Produced and Directed by Maurizio Benazzo